The First Step in Agile Research

What’s the first step in making changes? You know this one. Are you thinking… Understand where you are today? If you are (and you’re clever so we know you were), then congrats! Before you can really implement any kind of big changes, whether in your life or your business, you need to have a good […]

International Women’s Day 2021

International Women’s Day is an opportunity for women and allies to come together to celebrate women. Today, and for the rest of the week, we want to acknowledge the amazing women here at Delvinia! Thank you for being an inspiration every day!  Meet Bethany Moffett, Executive Director, US Division, Methodify: Bethany Moffett is the Executive Director […]

Black History Month at Delvinia

Diversity and inclusion have always been an integral part of the culture I wanted to build at Delvinia. To do this, we believe in continuously educating each other about our different cultures and perspectives. February marks Black History Month.  We have the pleasure of having people from our team in both the US and Canada […]

Delvinia + Data Privacy

In honour of Data Privacy Day, we asked our leadership team to share their perspectives on why data privacy matters and how we can uphold it. Adam Froman CEO, Delvinia We have always looked at data privacy from a user-centric and digital perspective.  Early on in our company’s growth, we realized that every digital touchpoint […]

Is Open Data the Way Forward?

This piece was informed by Dr. Damian Jankowicz’s (VP, Information Management, Chief Information Officer & Chief Privacy Officer for CAMH) presentation at Amplify. The phrase “Open Data” has been floating around for years now. But what exactly is Open Data? Global Database put it the most simply: data that has been made freely available for […]

Preventing Ad Fails During Challenging Times

We’ve all seen them, the ads that make us cringe and leave us wondering, “how was this allowed to be made?” Sometimes they are offensive, sometimes they are tone deaf, sometimes they just don’t make sense. These bad ads come industries of all kinds and companies of all sizes. The one thing they all have […]