International Women’s Day is an opportunity for women and allies to come together to celebrate women. Today, and for the rest of the week, we want to acknowledge the amazing women here at Delvinia! Thank you for being an inspiration every day! 

Meet Bethany Moffett, Executive Director, US Division, Methodify:

Bethany Moffett is the Executive Director for the US Division of our Methodify team. She is warm and laidback, and within a few moments of speaking to her it is easy to see why clients respond so well to her. Bethany started her career in corporate event planning which rapidly developed her ability to think on her feet and roll with the punches which continues to serve her well today. 

Bethany is an animal lover, having owned everything from a dog to a parakeet to a goat to a ball python. This kindness and compassion for all living things is apparent in her work as well, genuinely caring about those around herCollaboration is a key strength for Bethany, and is integral to making her both a wonderful team member and support for her clients. She strives to really understand the problems those she is working with are facing, and to find solutions tailored to them as individuals. 

Travel has also played an important part in Bethany’s life. Before the pandemic, she traveled internationally as often as possible, finding joy in exploring new cultures and perspectives. Since COVID, she has taken the opportunity to explore the United States through various road trips, including one where she lived in a tent for a month. Taking on this challenge is exciting for her, as she loves to learn new things and push herself beyond her comfort zone. 

Meet Melissa Hugh, VP of Client Success:

Melissa Hugh is a VP, Client Success at Delvinia. She started her career in market research 15 years ago, and worked on both the supplier and client sides before joining Delvinia. She is able to bring her rich experiences to her current role, helping clients to gain depth and improve their research processes in ways that are tailored to them. 

Melissa is inspired by the passion of her clients and colleagues and loves that technology pushes her to continue to learn and challenge herself. Melissa’s honest and direct style allows her to develop deep levels of trust with her clients, and makes her a trusted and reliable colleague, which are critical traits when working in the ever-evolving technology space. 

The best parenting advice Melissa was ever given was, “Do whatever it takes”. It is clear she has taken this to heart in her approach to her family life, but it is also evident in who she is as a professional. Through all the dedication, Melissa keeps on laughing and bringing joy to all of her endeavours. 

Meet Maria Popova, Director of Client Development:

Maria Popova is Director of Client Development for Methodify by Delvinia. She is a seasoned market research professional, having spent the first part of her career in the operations side of the industry. For many years she shied away from the Sales aspect, despite being repeatedly told how great she would be at it. Finally she gave it a try, and it was a perfect fit. 

Maria is funny and kind, but unafraid to get to the point – a perfect combination for Sales. She was born and raised in Bulgaria, and moved to Canada with her family when she was 18. While the transition was difficult at first, it led her to form friendships that have lasted to this day. This ability to build strong and meaningful relationships is a key factor in making Maria so successful professionally as well. She doesn’t stop this relationship-building at her clients, either. Maria works hard to build connections within in the industry and to support and inspire young women coming up in their careers whenever she can. And this is no easy feat when working full time and being a mother to a curious and active four-year-old! 

Continuing to fight against stereotypes of women in business & women in leadership is important to Maria, and she hopes that through open communication between women AND men it can improve. She believes that providing women a platform to express themselves and have their voices heard will improve the success of companies and individuals alike. 

Meet Danielle Govias, Team Lead, Account Management, AskingCanadians:

Danielle Govias is Team Lead, Account Management at AskingCanadians by Delvinia. She has been at Delvinia for 7 years, since transitioning out of a career in Human Resources. This initial interest in people is still evident in everything Danielle does. She cares deeply about those around her, and works hard to make sure her clients are well taken care of.

Danielle is friendly, easy to talk to, and immensely passionate. This passion infuses everything she does, from being a mother to a two-year-old, to leading her team, to promoting a better understanding of mental health. She manages to do all of this with a lightness and joy that is infectious, and believes firmly in always taking time to laugh.


Despite the difficulty of returning from maternity leave a mere two weeks before the pandemic shutdown began in Toronto, Danielle is able to find silver linings. Her gratitude for being able to witness milestones in her son’s development while still maintaining her career makes it clear that Danielle will make the best of any situation. 

Meet Laura Craig, VP of Client Success:

Laura Craig is a VP of Client Success at Delvinia, and with her gentle yet confident demeanor it’s no surprise that she used to be a Qualitative Moderator. Laura holds an MA in Sociology, but her interest in business and inherent practicality led her to pursue a career in market research rather than academia. She loves puzzles (she does the New York Times crossword puzzle daily), and this translates into her work where she eagerly takes on the task of finding efficient solutions to challenging problems of all kinds.

Laura believes that traditional gender roles need to be done away with in order for people to thrive. When her own daughters were young, their dad took on the role of caregiver, enabling Laura to take advantage of opportunities early in her career. Not being bound by traditional roles provided a great deal of freedom and benefit for her entire family.

Among Laura’s many accomplishments include co-founding CRIS, a virtual moderator, in response to the challenges she was seeing in her work as a qualitative researcher. CRIS was acquired by Delvinia in 2019, and has benefited not only from the product but from Laura’s approach to innovation. She is an integral part of our product and platform development team, where she contributes to our vision for the future.