Since 1998 Delvinia has focused on stimulating innovation through R&D and solving business problems using digital technologies.

1998 - 2002

Over the last 21 years Delvinia has focused on stimulating innovation through R&D and solving business problems using digital technologies.
Delvinia’s story began in August 1998, when Delvinia CEO Adam Froman – and his three partners at the time – decided to delve into the digital space. The dot-com boom was in full swing and Adam wanted to take advantage of the opportunity. Following a series of strategy sessions at Toronto’s Bar Italia, Adam and his partners founded the firm, originally known as MultiMediator Strategy Group.
Since its early days, the company – which rebranded as Delvinia in 1999 – has focused on stimulating innovation through R&D and solving business problems using the power and potential of interactive digital technologies. From the outset, Delvinia’s brand identity has been about creating insight-driven interactive solutions to help its clients make better, more strategic decisions. During those first few years, Delvinia landed some major clients and worked on some high profile projects for clients like CBC and RBC Royal Bank. The digital strategy and marketing side of the business grew quickly.
Following the dot-com crash, the business took a turn and Adam and his partners parted ways. With the digital industry still struggling to build momentum, Delvinia focused its attention on innovation through funded R&D. One project, funded by CANARIE’s Advanced Research on Interactive Media (ARIM) Funds, set out to determine the impact of broadband on market research. The result was the development of our AskingMedia online ad-testing tool, which ultimately led to the launch of AskingCanadians in 2005.



Adam, along with his initial three business partners – Sam Punnett, Bill Sweetman and Warren Coughlin – spends the month of July holding a series of strategy sessions at Bar Italia in Toronto resulting in a business strategy for a new digital firm grounded in industry research, digital strategy and interactive marketing, and approaching technology from a user’s perspective.

The foursome launches the MultiMediator Strategy Group (MMSG) on August 15, 1998.


Through an extensive branding exercise, MMSG is rebranded to Delvinia.


The dot-com crash blindsides the digital industry and Delvinia faces its first major business challenge as it manages through a turbulent economic environment where spending on digital projects comes to a near standstill.

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David Phillips, Partner - Deloitte Digital
David Phillips
Deloitte Digital

Who is David Phillips?

A proven marketing and General Manager with over a decade of experience in delivering successful commercial outcomes for tier-one consumer goods organisations in local, regional and global roles.

The core to this success has been leveraging the rare combination of three strong attributes in corporates and start-ups:

  1. Analytical and strategic skill-set gained through formal training (MBA) and leading countless strategic and insight-led projects;
  2. A strong creative perspective which drives powerful innovative solutions to organisational problems or opportunities;
  3. Influencing and leadership skills which have continually shaped organisational direction, focus and critically, delivered galvanising team leadership.


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COVID-19 People Insights: A new lens to understanding the drivers of COVID-19 vaccine demand and hesitancy.

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