What’s the first step in making changes?

You know this one.

Are you thinking…

Understand where you are today? If you are (and you’re clever so we know you were), then congrats! Before you can really implement any kind of big changes, whether in your life or your business, you need to have a good grasp of where you stand today.

Why bring this up? Because Agile Research is getting talked about everywhere. The benefits of it, the challenges with it, and many organizations are scrambling to try and implement it. But if you don’t really know how agile-ready you are today, it will be difficult to successfully incorporate agile research.

That’s why we created a simple, fun, 5-question quiz to help you get started. You can take it right now, and be better informed about how agile-ready you are within a couple minutes.

Still not convinced? Listen to Methodify CEO Raj Manocha explain why this quiz is helpful in the video below.

Now, are you ready to get agile-ready?? Go take the quiz to find out!