Our CEO Adam Froman was honoured by the Insights Association last week as the winner of the inaugural Entrepreneurial Spirit Award in celebration of inspiring entrepreneurs who are the agents of positive change in our industry.

The award, presented at the 2020 CEO Summit in Miami on Wednesday, was in recognition for his remarkable entrepreneurial journey and leadership over the past year.

Adam has always been fascinated with how companies engage their consumers in a world where there’s so much choice and consumers control how they interact with brands. That’s why we developed an entire suite of products and services companies use to gather consumer insights that underpin business decision-making at every level. This includes our automated market research (MR) platform, Methodify, which makes it easier and faster for companies to access crucial consumer insights throughout the marketing process.

In 2019, we commenced a strategy to realize our vision of virtualizing the entire MR process, investing heavily in our technology IP and making strategic acquisitions throughout the year. This includes significant investment in data privacy & transparency with Measure Protocol; the acquisition of Conversational Research Insight System (CRIS); becoming a key investor in PersonaPanels; and partnership with Research for Good (RFG).

As a result, revenues for Methodify have grown consistently, closing out the year at more than 100% growth. But the most impressive success metrics come from our clients, who are employing a more iterative approach to the marketing process, bringing the voice of the consumer into their decision-making more often throughout the development process.