Here’s what customers can expect.

What better way to mark an exciting year of growth and innovation than by announcing that we’re teaming up with Research For Good (RFG). We’ve spent the last year dedicated to moving forward—adding new methods to our automated market research platform Methodify that offer deeper insights at critical moments in the marketing process and building upon the customer experience on the platform. As we’ve grown and expanded across North America, we’ve also learned a lot about what’s needed to accelerate our rapid growth.

And that’s what RFG provides. Recognized for their commitment to innovation and suite of technology tools, RFG will provide advanced automation and data collection technologies that will be integrated into Methodify. What does this mean for our clients? For one, we’ll be able to speed up the process of merging your own research methodologies and data collection technologies onto Methodify, creating a customized platform. It’ll also enable even faster, more efficient data collection—and just when you thought it couldn’t get any faster than a mere 24 hours.

We’re truly excited about the potential for this strategic partnership because we believe it’s the best way to advance our vision. Like us, Research For Good has an innovation-first mindset and is intent on driving the industry forward through advancements in research technology. As such, RFG will continue to invest in R&D through this partnership, innovating new transformational technologies and tools, allowing Methodify to focus on delivering faster data collection to power better decision making.

We thank our customers for their continued support and trust as we continue to strive for new ways to make it easier and faster for companies to access crucial consumer insights.