Latest deals see Delvinia ushering in the next frontier of market research, virtualizing the entire research process and eliminating wait times for results

TORONTO, December 3, 2019 – Conversational Research Insight System (CRIS) has signed an agreement to be acquired by data collection and research technology firm Delvinia, with the sale to be complete by January 1, 2020.

Founded in 2017, the company uses AI and machine learning to conduct one-to-one chat based interviews at scale. CRIS was integrated into Delvinia’s automated market research platform, Methodify, in 2018, and due to the complementary nature of their products they already share customers. As part of the agreement, CRIS co-founders Laura Craig and Luis Carreiro will be moving with the company, taking on new roles within the Client Success team at Delvinia and continuing to lead the development of CRIS.

“This is a pivotal time for the market research industry, where we have the opportunity to usher in the next technology-powered wave of consumer insights,” explained Steve Mast, President & Chief Innovation Officer of Delvinia. “That’s why we’re making it a priority to invest in and cultivate growth drivers like CRIS and PersonaPanels, two companies that are truly bolstering research capabilities to connect with people through rapidly advancing technologies.”

Delvinia Becomes a Key Investor in PersonaPanels

Additionally, Delvinia has become a key investor in PersonaPanels, a company that is uniquely positioned at the intersection of machine learning and market intelligence. The deal gives Delvinia exclusive rights to represent PersonaPanels in Canada while Methodify will become PersonaPanels’ exclusive global distribution platform.

“Our Animated Personas are synthetic models of human interests and values. They are representative of individuals and population segments but are not tied to any specific individual, so they are protective of privacy,” explained Patrick Gorman, founder and CEO of Pennsylvania-headquartered PersonaPanels. “Animated Personas are the secret weapon in any marketer’s arsenal. This technology is fast, affordable, and accurate. You’re literally able to get into the mind of your customers in real-time.”

According to Mast, these long-term investments are integral to Delvinia’s strategic shifting of focus onto the virtualization of the entire market research process. “We’ve now introduced our clients to virtual interviews, virtual consumers and recently ran a successful pilot where we used virtual analysts to compile valuable insights—all of which are just making it easier for brands to involve their consumers in the business. With these technologies available, there’s really no excuse for marketers to not engage them.”

About Persona Panels

PersonaPanels makes data come alive with a new sense of customer research data and relationship management through machine intelligence that is focused on curating authentically modeled consumers. For more information, visit

About Delvinia

Delvinia is a research tech and consumer data collection company that is transforming how data is collected and used to underpin business decision-making at every level. The company has spawned a successful portfolio of products and services, including a research automation platform preferred by consumer insight professionals globally. For more information on Delvinia’s suite of products and services, visit


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