Environics Analytics Honours Delvinia as Partner of the Year

Last week, Environics Analytics President Jan Kestle announced that Delvinia had been named Partner of the Year during a presentation at the company’s Seventh Annual User Conference. Kestle singled out Delvinia “for the productive collaboration we’ve enjoyed building robust databases on how Canadians behave and think.” Yesterday, the marketing services and data analytics company issued […]

New Media Use Changes During the Customer Life Cycle

Delvinia CEO Adam Froman and Rupen Seoni, a vice president of Environics Analytics, were among the speakers at the Canadian Marketing Association‘s CMA Analytics Conference yesterday. In their joint presentation, New Media Use Changes During the Customer Life Cycle, Adam and Rupen outlined the AskingCanadians™ Social Media PRIZMC2Link, a database that enables marketers to target […]

Delvinia Releases DIG Report on eDemocracy and Citizen Engagement

Delvinia has announced the release of its latest DIG report, “eDemocracy and Citizen Engagement: The Delvinia Report on Internet Voting in the Town of Markham.” This groundbreaking study—based on Delvinia’s involvement in three consecutive elections—provides a comprehensive review of Canadian attitudes toward Internet voting in Canada, demonstrates how Canadians are embracing digital technologies to interact […]