The Future isn’t coming soon.
It’s already here

The Vision​

For the past several years Delvinia has developed and commercialized the research automation platform Methodify. As consumers continue to move faster, business decision makers are hungrier than ever before for real-time research tools to not only gather data but to analyze and provide actionable insights. 

The next evolution of Methodify will include virtual research agents built on the existing platform architecture.  These will enable our customers to gather, report and analyze first-party consumer data instantly, not in hours. 

CRIS virtual interview

AI-Powered Virtual Interviewer​

Our virtual moderator CRIS (Conversational Research Insight System), uses similar techniques that a live interviewer would but in chat form, allowing researchers to gather information from interviews with a larger number of people faster than ever possible. 

And the cherry on top — CRIS also automates the analysis, delivering a comprehensive report that includes the identification of sentiment and key themes for each question.

Digital Twins​

In 2019 we invested in PersonaPanels, which uses AI and machine learning to create virtual personas for ongoing ethnographic reporting and real-time message testing.

While these personas may be virtual, the simulation of their interests and preferences are based on the analysis of real data such as customer segmentation studies and purchase data collected from Nielsen HomeScan consumer panel.