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Animated Personas powered by Tanjo are the secret weapon in any marketer’s arsenal

In 2019, Delvinia has become a key investor in PersonaPanels. The deal gives Delvinia exclusive rights to represent PersonaPanels in Canada while Methodify will become PersonaPanels’ exclusive global distribution platform.

PersonaPanels is a new paradigm in market research that uses AI technology to turn data into machine learning bots called Animated Personas. 

Once created, Animated Personas access the Internet, where each day they autonomously select material to read that aligns with their defined characteristics. 

PersonaPanels - Message Testing

Animated Personas evolve in real-time

Because Animated Personas are machine learning agents, the material they read influences their future reading choices and their reactions to your messaging and product ideas. 

This means that Animated Personas not only mirror the purchase patterns and expressed desires of your targeted respondent groups but that their responses are always relevant, reflecting current US trends and changing customer preferences.

Animated Personas are synthetic models of human interests and values. They are representative of individuals and population segments but are not tied to any specific individual, so they are protective of privacy.


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