Delvinia to Release DIG Report on Internet Voting and the Future of eDemocracy in Canada

Delvinia will release its latest DIG report on Internet voting and the future of eDemocracy in Canada at a press conference being held in our offices at 10 a.m. on Monday, September 26.

The report, “eDemocracy and Citizen Engagement: The Delvinia Report on Internet Voting in the Town of Markham,” examines the municipality’s experience with Internet voting in the 2003, 2006 and 2010 municipal elections and provides a detailed overview of the impact of digital technologies on citizen engagement.

Prepared in partnership with Ryerson University, and with a special contribution by Environics Analytics about the attitudes and demographic characteristics of online voters, the groundbreaking report provides the first comprehensive examination of public opinion toward Internet voting in Canada.

The report is authored by Nicole Goodman, a PhD candidate focused on understanding alternative voting methods. Goodman provides an independent scholarly perspective on the data, which measures voter satisfaction with the Internet voting process, and an analysis of the impact of Internet voting on voter turnout by age group.

The press conference,which will include presentations by Adam Froman, CEO, Delvinia; Nicole Goodman, PhD Candidate, Carleton University; Wendy Cukier, Vice-President, Research and Innovation, Ryerson University and Rupen Seoni, Vice President, Environics Analytics, will be streamed live from the Delvinia website at at 10 a.m.