Delvinia in the News: Canadian Government Executive Profiles eDemocracy in Markham

Delvinia’s work around eDemocracy in the Town of Markham is the subject of a feature story in the January issue of Canadian Government Executive, published by IT in Canada. “Voting digital: Markham connects through tech,” authored by Delvinia CEO Adam Froman and Markham Mayor Frank Scarpitti, is based on a presentation delivered by the pair […]

Could Internet Voting Impact Voter Turnout in Ontario?

For the election night coverage on Rogers TV Toronto, Goldhawk Live producer Dave Bradshaw interviewed Delvinia CEO Adam Froman for a segment about Internet voting and voter turnout. Speaking in reference to Delvinia’s recent DIG report on eDemocracy and citizen engagement in the Town of Markham, Adam talked about the municipality’s success with Internet voting […]

Delvinia’s Internet Voting Report Gets Radio Play in B.C.

Delvinia’s DIG report on eDemocracy and Citizen Engagement got some airtime on a radio station in Victoria, B.C. this week. On Thursday, Nicole Goodman, a PhD candidate specializing in Canadian political institutions and alternative voting methods and the principal author of the report, spoke to Frank Stanford of CFAX 1070. Nicole talked about the Town […]

Delvinia Releases DIG Report on eDemocracy and Citizen Engagement

Delvinia has announced the release of its latest DIG report, “eDemocracy and Citizen Engagement: The Delvinia Report on Internet Voting in the Town of Markham.” This groundbreaking study—based on Delvinia’s involvement in three consecutive elections—provides a comprehensive review of Canadian attitudes toward Internet voting in Canada, demonstrates how Canadians are embracing digital technologies to interact […]

Delvinia to Release DIG Report on Internet Voting and the Future of eDemocracy in Canada

Delvinia will release its latest DIG report on Internet voting and the future of eDemocracy in Canada at a press conference being held in our offices at 10 a.m. on Monday, September 26. The report, “eDemocracy and Citizen Engagement: The Delvinia Report on Internet Voting in the Town of Markham,” examines the municipality’s experience with […]

AskingCanadians™ Poll: How do Canadians Feel About the Federal Election?

Political change doesn’t come cheap in Canada. But despite taxpayers’ frequent complaints about the high costs associated with staging a general election—estimated at roughly $300 million—a lesser price tag wouldn’t sway the majority of Canadians when it comes to their views on heading to the ballot box on May 2. In a recent AskingCanadians™ poll, […]