How Business Leaders Should Think About Digital

Digital is not just your organizational website(s) or Facebook page (though those are two components of digital). Digital should be framed as a transformative enabler that allows organizations to: Engage customers in a two-way dialogue Change the way your organization delivers products and services Collect business intelligence. Let me expand on each of these points: Engage […]

Competitive Reviews – Uh, What Are They Good For? Absolutely Everything

If you want to have the competitive advantage in your industry, country or globally then you need to know what everyone else is doing out there – and I mean everyone else, not just your direct competitors. While it is super critical to keep your finger on the pulse of your direct competitors, and to […]

Speaking Engagements: Reinventing Customer Service Conference

Amy Sullivan, Delvinia’s VP of Insights, is among the speakers presenting at the 4th Reinventing Customer Service Conference being hosted by Federated Press next week. The three-day conference, which takes place from February 5-7 at the Novotel Toronto Centre Hotel, focuses on “maximizing the opportunities and overcoming the pitfalls in an era when the consumer […]

The Art of Turning Insight into Action – Part Three: It’s Time to Take Action

In this, the last installment of our three-part series, I’ll explain the final stage in our process: action. My name is Charles Sue-Wah-Sing and I head our design practice here at Delvinia.  I work closely with the practice heads and team leads to deliver the final designs and execution on client projects. It’s time to […]

The Art of Turning Insight into Action – Part Two: What is Strategy?

In Part One of our series, we introduced the first part of Delvinia’s three-part process: insight. In this second installment, we extend the examples to illustrate how and why we tackle digital strategy on behalf of our clients. I’m Rosalina Lin-Allen and I head our strategy practice. I work closely with the practice heads and […]

The Art of Turning Insight into Action – Part One: What Do We Mean by Insights?

Brands face big challenges today. Data overload, hyper-connected customers and technology that’s changing faster than ever before. We apply a customer-centric, insight driven methodology to design as a means to empower organizations to meet their business needs. Over the years we’ve refined a three-part process that is straightforward and effective: insight, strategy and action. To […]