Our ecosystem of researchtech solutions leverages the support of a robust roster of strategic partnerships.



PersonaPanels leverage machine learning to test text-based concepts against virtual versions of your key customer segments

Research for Good

Research for Good

RFG provides advanced automation and data collection technologies that power Delvinia’s innovative data collection solutions.



Voxpopme’s software helps Delvinia customers connect  with consumers through the collection and analysis of real-time video feedback.

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Bloomfire enables customers to centralize their organization’s knowledge, by bringing it all together in one secure, searchable platform.

Fuel Cycle

Live by Fuel Cycle

Live by Fuel Cycle is a powerful qualitative research solution for conducting in-depth interviews (IDIs) via video calls.


opinions collected

(seriously, we did the math)

David Phillips, Partner - Deloitte Digital
David Phillips
Deloitte Digital

Who is David Phillips?

A proven marketing and General Manager with over a decade of experience in delivering successful commercial outcomes for tier-one consumer goods organisations in local, regional and global roles.

The core to this success has been leveraging the rare combination of three strong attributes in corporates and start-ups:

  1. Analytical and strategic skill-set gained through formal training (MBA) and leading countless strategic and insight-led projects;
  2. A strong creative perspective which drives powerful innovative solutions to organisational problems or opportunities;
  3. Influencing and leadership skills which have continually shaped organisational direction, focus and critically, delivered galvanising team leadership.


Is Technology the Death of the Insight or Have We Just Stopped Asking "Why"?
Thursday November 12, 2020
8:00 PM - 8:30 PM

COVID-19 People Insights: A new lens to understanding the drivers of COVID-19 vaccine demand and hesitancy.

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