Introducing DCS, a custom solutions group focused on innovative data collection solutions

Delvinia realigns its offerings to provide a full suite of services, solutions & platforms

TORONTO, ON (October 25, 2016) – Today, Delvinia announced the introduction of DCS, a custom solutions group created to focus on providing innovative data collection solutions as the innovation company aligns its consulting services with those of its other commercial offerings.

DCSor Delvinia Custom Solutions – will focus on creating innovative ways to help marketers, researchers and business leaders collect, visualize and enable data.

With the creation of this new business unit, Delvinia – which also includes AskingCanadians, AskingAmericans and Methodify – now offers clients a full suite of innovative data collection services, solutions and platforms; providing an end-to-end solution to help organizations collect and utilize the right data.

“With the growth of digital technologies and the ever-changing business landscape, our clients are requesting new and innovative ways to collect and enable data that fall outside of our current data collection offerings,” said Steve Mast, Delvinia President and Chief Innovation Officer. “To meet this growing demand, Delvinia’s award-winning digital consulting group is turning its proven, consultative method to discovering, designing and developing new and innovative ways to help organizations collect, visualize and enable data.”

From artificial intelligence to wearable sensors and virtual reality, DCS can help organizations leverage emerging technologies and methods, or can integrate Delvinia’s existing services, tools and products to design a solution that speaks to customers in a unique way.

“We’re using new and emerging technologies to help clients across industries reshape how they collect and enable data,” Mast said, adding the firm will continue to lend its digital strategy and design expertise to organizations that want to utilize digital technologies to transform their business.

Moving forward, Delvinia is realigning its digital strategy work under the Delvinia Innovation group. Powered by the company’s Innovation Framework; the group leverages digital technologies, new business models and innovative thinking to develop digital strategies, platforms and businesses for the firm and for its clients.

About Delvinia
Delvinia is an innovation company. We identify, define and bring to market, next generation products, services and businesses. Founded in 1998, the Delvinia Group of Companies includes a successful portfolio of digital businesses, each with a focus on data collection. Delvinia Custom Solutions uses new and emerging technologies to help clients collect, visualize and enable data; AskingCanadians and AskingAmericans offer a range of data collection services to market researchers throughout North America, including access to an online research community of more than 600,000 Canadians; and Methodify provides marketers with the ability to gain customer insights through an innovative online platform in as little as 48 hours.

About DCS
Delvinia Custom Solutions (DCS) is a consulting business focused on discovering, designing and developing innovative data collection solutions. With an innovation mindset and a collaborative approach, our team uses new and emerging technologies to help clients collect, visualize and enable data. DCS is part of the Delvinia Group of Companies and our services are closely aligned with those of Delvinia’s other service lines. In collaboration with AskingCanadians, AskingAmericans and Methodify, our team can provide an end-to-end solution to help companies collect and utilize the right data.


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