Delvinia and Schlesinger Group are proudly partnering to put on Amplify: 24 Hour Global Insights Summit from November 12-13. This free virtual event will run for 24 hours continuously, broken into 4 blocks catering to different regions of the world with speakers to match: the Americas, Australia/New Zealand, Asia, and the UK/Europe.

Each block will have an opening and closing keynote, 5 technology demos, and 15 breakout sessions. The breakout sessions fall under 3 categories: Consumer Insights & Innovation, Connecting in a New World, and Adaptability & Growth. Each block will also have a Mentor Minutes session – 5 mentees get to meet with 5 senior industry leaders for 5 minutes of mentorship each. Whether the mentees are early in their careers, making a career change, or running a new business they will gain valuable guidance from the Mentors.

The speakers for the sessions come from a variety of fields, expanding the way we think about data and insights and how they can be used to improve any business or organization. Presenters include the CMO from one of the top financial institutions in North America, a cross-cultural consultant helping businesses with their cultural intelligence, or an expert from Australia in consumer listening and how it improves business. And these are just a small taste of what’s on offer.

Finally, to keep you engaged and to make this an event that truly gives back, for every person who attends 2 sessions or more we will be donating $10 to the Market Research Education Foundation.

Notable Keynote Speakers from Around the World

Mitch Joel, Investor. Author. Speaker. Decoder of the future. - Six Pixels Group

The Americas Opening Keynote – Mitch Joel

When brands like Google, Starbucks, Shopify and GE want to decode the future, they call Mitch Joel. We called him too.

Strategy Magazine called him, “one of North America’s leading visionaries.”

He is the Founder of Six Pixels Group – an advisory, investing and content producing company that is focused on commerce and innovation.

Laurel Papworth

Australia Opening Keynote – Laurel Papworth

Laurel has been managing online communities since the 1990’s and has worked on some huge forums such as Sony’s game communities. Since 2005 she’s been teaching social media at the University of Sydney and Forbes Magazine named her in the top 50 social media influencers globally. She reaches around 6 million people per month personally on social media and has 10,000 online studying social media online with her. 

Hao Tran, CEO Vietcetera

Asia Opening Keynote – Hao Tran

Hao currently serves as the CEO of Vietcetera, an online publishing platform that he co-founded in 2016.

He has shared on trends that are emerging in Vietnam and greater Southeast Asia including and not limited to venture capital, e-commerce, technology startups, food and beverage, tourism, retail and trade. His insights have been featured on media outlets such as Monocle, CNBC, CNN, VICE, Munchies, Forbes, Bloomberg News and BBC News.

Lourdes Rodríguez

UK/Europe Opening Keynote – Lourdes Rodríguez Rodríguez

Lourdes holds a Master’s in Psychology. and is a senior trends Researcher & Analyst with more than 10 years experience working for companies from Spain and Latin America.

Currently she combines her work as Network Weaver with Teach the Future’s global Community with my work as part of Mindset, leading the trends research area for companies like Banco Santander and Roche.