Engaging Viewers Through Social Television

Chances are your attention is focused on more than one screen when you’re watching television in your living room. By using your laptop, tablet or smartphone while watching TV, you are actually enhancing and socializing your experience during a broadcast. Social television used to be about watching a television show and waiting until the next […]

Incredible Numbers from 60 Seconds of the Internet

We can all agree that the Internet has become an essential part of our everyday lives. It’s where we work, where we play and how we stay in touch and share information with our family and friends. This infographic from GoGulf.com illustrates just how incredible the numbers are when you break them down to just […]

The New Information Organization Paradigm – People as the Filter

For a good decade, Google has been the king of the Internet. The search engine organizes content based on data such as keywords, links, etc. However, in March 2010, Facebook traffic surpassed that of Google and Facebook continues to grow rapidly with no sign of slowing down. How did Facebook become so important? Will its […]

Delvinia’s DIY Markham Campaign Wins Internet Advertising Award

Delvinia’s DIY Markham campaign, created to raise awareness of the 2010 municipal election in the Town of Markham and to increase citizen engagement in the municipality, has been recognized with an award for Best Government Online Video in the Web Marketing Association’s 2011 Internet Advertising Competition. The social media awareness campaign, designed and implemented by […]

DIY Markham Campaign Hailed as Model for Municipal Engagement

When it comes to using digital technology to promote elections and engage citizens with government, there are few organizations that understand the process as well as Delvinia. Since 2003, Devlinia has been involved in a partnership with the Town of Markham to help the municipality better communicate the importance of voting at the municipal level. […]

Facebook Tops List of Email Alternatives, Especially with Women

According to numbers published by Royal Pingdom in 2009, the estimated number of emails sent per day was around 247 billion. Unfortunately 80% of those are thought to be spam and viruses. With junk and spam filters working overtime it’s no wonder people are finding alternatives to email when communicating with their friends, family and […]