We are living in a challenging time, one where the situation continues to rapidly evolve and the world’s response must match that speed. As a business this can feel overwhelming, as understanding consumer sentiment is of the utmost importance but seems to be changing constantly. It is critical to have heightened sensitivity with any marketing initiatives during this time and to ensure your brand doesn’t make any unnecessary missteps. How do you do this? With these three key measures:

Test Everything

Whether it is an ad concept, a new product name, or a key piece of messaging, now is the time to test absolutely everything that will be public facing. With everyone having more time on their hands and sitting at home, consumers are more likely to notice and react to whatever brands are putting out. Make sure that reaction is going to be a positive one.

Test Frequently and Quickly

This pandemic and the measures taken to deal with it are changing on a daily basis. Consumer habits, behaviours, and opinions are keeping pace. Brands need to understand this, and test their marketing initiatives as frequently and quickly as possible to ensure they are timely, appropriate, and welcome.

Share Insights

To truly protect themselves during this time, brands need to ensure that the insights they are garnering from research and testing is being shared throughout the company. This allows informed decisions to be made in every facet of the business.

As everyone adjusts to the constantly changing state of “normal” through this pandemic, it is important that brands never assume they know what will resonate with their audience. This is an unprecedented situation, so we cannot rely on past performance or insights to drive decisions today. We can, however, use the tools at our disposal, such as Methodify, to ensure we make smart, thoughtful, sensitive choices that will protect our brands and best serve our customers.