We are pleased to announce the addition of automated Trackers to Methodify by Delvinia! Trackers can be easily set up and run by you, whenever you want them. As always, our aim is to deliver the insights you need at the speed you require, and our tracking capability is no exception.

The tracking capability on Methodify allows you to compare wave over wave results right on the platform. It also provides the flexibility to share data across your team, and instantly filter the results by subgroups.

So how does it work?

Setting Up A Tracker

The process to set up a tracker is simple:

  • Establish questionnaire, sample parameters, and reporting layout
  • Up to 40 charts and 8 filters in reporting
  • Up to 6000 completes/year
  • From this, we will create a method you can run any time
  • Every time the method is used, it runs as a project usually would:

    • Accessible from your dashboard
    • With all of the usual functionality (downloadable charts, crosstabs, raw data)

In addition, all projects using that method are rolled up into a Master Project which is also accessible from your dashboard.

Master Project

The Master Project contains all of your tracking data:

  • Charts roll up the data from all waves, or you can use the wave filter to roll up averages in any increment you’d like (e.g. past 3/6/12 wave average)
  • You can download a full set of crosstabs in the downloads section. The crosstabs:

    • Include columns for total (the average of all waves), current and all previous waves
    • Can be stat tested to allow for wave over wave comparisons
    • Can be filtered by subgroups

Want to see how Trackers could be used in your organization?