We are pleased to announce the appointment of Raj Manocha as CEO of Methodify by Delvinia.  The demand for market research, and thus the demand on the research department’s time, increased enormously over 2020 and shows no signs of slowing. To make the process easier, we at Methodify have reimagined our platform business and are moving past being just an automated research platform, and into an operating system of market research.

“Methodify has seen great growth and expansion over the past few years, and to take it into the next stage we needed someone dedicated to lead it as a business,” says Adam Froman, CEO of Delvinia. “Raj has earned his opportunity to become CEO of a thriving ResearchTech business, with his deep knowledge of the market research industry, his demonstrated leadership over the past 10 years growing Delvinia’s data collection business and an unprecedented understanding what our clients need not just right now, but in the future. Taken together, this experience makes him ready for this exciting stage in his professional career.”

Part of this reimagining includes making insights more accessible to everyone, regardless of their level of skill or experience with research. This will be achieved by providing advanced governance of user roles and permissions. Methodify also sees the need for greater configurability and flexibility within its platform. Whether through targeted audience selection or creating and sharing methods for their teams, users will be able to tailor the platform to meet their individual needs.  Combining these elements will push Methodify toward becoming the connector for the research ecosystem.

“I am excited to be stepping into this new role and guiding Methodify toward becoming the operating system of market research,” says Raj Manocha, CEO of Methodify by Delvinia. “This last year has accelerated the digital transformation of market research at an unheard-of rate, and we hope to make it a more streamlined process. Our purpose as an organization is to transform how consumer data is collected, protected and used to power better decision making. I am honoured to contribute to this vision as CEO of Methodify.”

As the need for quality consumer insights continues to rise at a rapid pace, Methodify will provide users the control they need to streamline their processes and take a future-forward approach to their research. New capabilities will be rolled out over the coming months, including new integrations and partnerships.

To support these changes, Delvinia has made some additional key changes to personnel. Frank Schiraldi has been named VP, Platform & Product and will lead the continued innovation of the Methodify platform. Ryan Crawford has been named VP of Client Service, Methodify, continuing to ensure all users are able to get the most out of the platform for their individual teams. The newly created Office of the CEO has appointed Angela Lau the Chief of Staff for Delvinia, helping to streamline corporate functions.