The Centre for e-Democracy is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to initiating, translating and disseminating research and knowledge on the impact of digital technologies on politics and democracy. Founded by Delvinia CEO Adam Froman in collaboration with Nicole Goodman, PhD, the Centre is the first of its kind in Canada and will be a hot spot for e-democracy research with the aim of making a real, practical impact on Canadians’ knowledge and understanding of the use of technology in society and politics.

In the past 20 years, people of all ages have been voting less, they aren’t joining political parties like they used to, volunteering, or involving themselves in the community in other ways as they have historically. At the same time, there has been incredible growth in the adoption of digital devices and technologies, which has created new opportunities for participation and communication between citizens and governments.

These developments are happening quickly and we know little about the effects of technology on politics from a scholarly perspective. We are missing key opportunities to learn about the impacts of technology on behaviour and how we might change or develop public policy to keep up. And, any academic research that is being done is not easily accessible by key stakeholders, particularly the public.

That’s where the Centre for e-Democracy comes in. We want to help to create, translate and disseminate more knowledge about the relationship between democracy and technology. We also want to make this knowledge freely available and easy to understand.

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