Over the last 21 years Delvinia has focused on stimulating innovation through R&D and solving business problems using digital technologies.

2013 - Present

By focusing on providing high-quality customer service, local programming, a quality online research community and a respondent-centric approach to online data collection, AskingCanadians has grown exponentially, realizing triple digit growth year over year. In early 2014, AskingCanadians expanded its data collection services into the United States with the launch of AskingAmericans, which provides market researchers with access to more than 10 million consumers.

In the fall of 2014, our management team sat back and looked at how the market research industry was evolving. We quickly realized there was an insights gap between the speed at which marketers need to make marketing decisions, and the time it takes research professionals to deliver the insights marketers require. Because Delvinia is an innovation company, we envisioned a tool to meet this growing demand in the marketplace and started looking at ways to commercialize it. What emerged was the concept of research automation and the idea for Methodify was born.

Methodify is a digital platform, a user-interface that seamlessly connects marketers with the proven research methodologies they require, enabling them to gain consumer insights in hours, not weeks.

With the continued growth of digital technologies and the ever-changing business landscape, our clients are requesting new and innovative ways to collect and enable data. To meet this growing demand, Delvinia’s Consulting Group has decided to turn its proven consultative method to discovering, designing and developing new and innovative ways to collect, visualize and enable data.

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