Webinar: Delvinia & Affinity presents: Ivey Publishing Enables Scalable Growth

Rosalina Lin-AllenMonday, June 27, 2pm EST
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Join host Rosalina Lin-Allen, Director of Client Strategy at Delvinia, Gregory Yantz of Ivey Publishing and Amanda Ouellette of Affinity Systems at 2pm EST, Monday, June 27th to learn how Ivey Publishing developed a solid web channel foundation in order to meet an aggressive growth plan internationally. At the webinar, they will discuss how a customer centric approach enabled them to build a system that allows customer self-service, automates and streamlines processes, and acquired internal buy-in.

They will also discuss their vendor selection and management approach to this mission critical project where they ended up selecting two best-of-breed, complementary design and development companies and achieved smooth project execution.

Ivey Publishing is the publishing arm of the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario. It is a world leader in educational case production and distribution.

Affinity specializes in designing and developing innovative software solutions. Through collaboration and understanding customer needs, Affinity helps businesses to improve their competitive edge.

Whether you are in the higher education or publishing space or not, Ivey Publishing’s customer-centric approach is truly a model for any organization that wants to smoothly develop a mission-critical digital product. Sharing their story will hopefully provide you with a perspective about the role of customer insights and the importance of collaboration.