Webinar Recording: The Emerging Trends of Today’s Mobile Shopper


Last week, Rosalina Lin-Allen, our Head of Strategy, presented a webinar on The Emerging Trends of Today’s Mobile Shopper in partnership with Tenzing Managed IT Services. Mobile has become an indispensable part of consumers’ daily lives with no signs of slowing down. Today 52 per cent of Canadians own a smartphone and 43 per cent more »

Webinar Recording: Announcing the eShopper PRIZMC2Link


Earlier this week, Delvinia CEO Adam Froman and Jan Kestle, president of Environics Analytics, hosted a webinar to announce the eShopper PRIZMC2Link, powered by AskingCanadians. If you missed Tuesday’s presentation, you can view the recording here. Based on a survey of 20,524 Canadians fielded between last October and January, the eShopper PRIZMC2Link describes how specific more »