Delvinia’s Inaugural Halloween Candy-Eating Contest

To celebrate Halloween 2011, we hosted our first ever candy-eating contest with AskingCanadians™ yesterday. The challenge for our three contestants: to eat 50 pieces of Halloween candy (mini Hershey’s chocolate bars) within five minutes.

Eric Dymond, Roy Gonsalves and Raj Manocha stepped up to the plate. With the rest of the staff cheering them on, Eric, Roy and Raj consumed a total of 62 individually-wrapped treats within the time limit.

Eric won bragging rights by downing 23 Halloween candies, Raj finished close behind at 22 and Roy managed to eat 17. The losers spent the rest of the day in costumes that included hot pink feather boas and false eyelashes.

We captured the contest on film. Watch the video below.