Webinar: How Virtualization and ResearchTech are Changing the Ways QSRs Gather & Use Consumer Insight

Presented by President & Chief Innovation Officer Steve Mast.

The restaurant industry continues to be one of the fastest moving and innovative. Brands introducing consumer-driven technology and products have been able to show longevity. They’ve also been able to increase revenues from existing and new markets. There’s no denying the power of consumer research that drives this innovation.

Learn how, by virtualizing their consumer insight efforts, restaurant brands are able to bring innovation and new products to new markets more quickly than ever. They are also able to do more with their market research budgets through highly-effective, lower-cost research platforms and strategies.

This webinar will empower you to achieve milestones as you take control of your consumer insight and research efforts. Prepare to discover:

  •  Ways some of the world’s most influential brands are using ResearchTech to collect more dynamic feedback from their customers
  • Ways that virtualization and AI can reinvigorate your research approach, sharpen consumer insight efforts and course-correct at a fraction of the cost
  • How top restaurant brands are embedding new ResearchTech into their marketing process to access real-time insights around consumer behavior at the speed of business



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