Webinar: Creating a Better Small Business Banking Experience for the Post COVID-19 World

When: Tuesday, July 21st at 2pm EST

Register here:

During this webinar, Delvinia and Phase 5 will reveal the findings from the first ever “State of the Canadian Small Business Banking Experience” survey, a proprietary study which identifies and measures the critical factors that drive loyalty by surveying small business owners about their perceptions of their bank about innovation, UX, CX and customer centricity.  

The findings will serve as backdrop to discuss how banks need to reimagine and redesign the experience they deliver to their small business clients in order to meet their changing needs post pandemic.  The speakers will also show how using CRIS by Delvinia, an AI-enabled virtual moderator, enabled them to enrich the insights without incurring a lengthy and costly qualitative phase.

Five key takeaways:

  1. Learn the key drivers that are shaping the business banking experience
  2. Why customers of banks that employ a more “personal touch” view their banks as being more customer focused
  3. The touchpoints within the customer journey where human versus digital interactions can be used to add the most value and create “stickiness”
  4. How to succeed post pandemic by delivering an experience that meets the needs of business customers in the “new normal”
  5. How using a AI in surveys generates faster, richer insights

COVID-19 People Insights: A new lens to understanding the drivers of COVID-19 vaccine demand and hesitancy.

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