The Voice Interface – The Application of Technology with Steve Mast

At Delvinia, our team is always looking for opportunities to leverage digital technologies to help our clients solve their business problems and to collect and use data in new and innovative ways.

Today, we are introducing a new video series called The Application of TechnologySteve Mast, our President and Chief Innovation Officer, will host the series.  Steve will explore how organizations can harness emerging technologies to tackle their business challenges – and will highlight how our team is applying technology within our own business units.

In the following video, the first in the series, Steve talks about the rise of Voice UI.

If you haven’t done so yourself, chances are you’ve either seen and heard someone having a conversation with Siri, Cortana or Alexa. More and more often today, people are interacting with technology through intelligent voice-driven systems like these.

In this video, Steve discusses how brands like Starbucks, Capital One and Domino’s Pizza are integrating voice UI into their customer services; and looks at the potential for voice UI to be applied for data collection and market research purposes, and explains how our team is experimenting with voice in relation to AskingCanadians projects.

In the coming weeks, Steve will continue to explore how emerging technologies can be applied to solve today’s business challenges.

We hope you’ll take a couple of minutes to watch.