COVID-19 Staff Stories

Roy Gonsalves

I’ve actually settled into working from home pretty comfortably.  I’m enjoying spending more time with Linda and the boys and I’m finding I can put more time into work and still have time to myself to enjoy and relax! 

Every morning starts with a cup of tea and individual 15-mins SCRUMS with each member of our sales team starting at 8:45. Ryan and I split up the team, and rotate team members every week to help us manage our time and keep a personal connection with each team member.  We also have frequent team meetings throughout the week (Monday Meeting, weekly training sessions, daily SCRUMS, etc…) to keep everyone feeling like we’re still a team and connected in some way.  Because we’re a new team with novice staff, it’s important that we’re keeping in close contact to help them keep things moving or navigate through difficult processes, conversations and situations.  To help this, we have a SLACK channel setup to allow for quick non-business critical communications and video-conferencing needed for any in-depth meetings.  Usually, Ryan and I connect to recap at the end of the day to chat about our what’s been going on, flag any concerns and plan for the next day and week.

With the kids at home all the time, it spices up my day.  It gives me two more hands to clean and cook!  In the mornings, my son Ryan will sit at my desk and we’ll do work / homework together.  Sometimes we’ll crack jokes, which is fun.  In the first weeks I found the kids interested in my conversations with clients, so I’m teaching them how to conduct presentations.  I’ve given them a presentation framework, taught them how to categorize their thoughts and research, structure their content. Now every Saturday, after breakfast, we get the Fam on a video conference and the kids present their materials and we all get to ask questions and give them feedback.  Fun way to teach the kids some skills and bring the Fam together.

Linda also seems busier than me.  They’re releasing a healthcare app that has COVID-19 modules, so they’re selling their solution like wildfire, mostly to government right now, and she’s responsible for the department creating all the clinical content for their app.  Since she’s in meeting most of the days, we’ve separated the house.  She gets the front half and I get the back half.

No stress and anxiety from me. Going a little stir-crazy feeling like Groundhog Day now.  I’m fighting through that by enjoying the little things in life that I never had time to enjoy before (morning teas, eating dinners together as a family, chats with the kids, etc…).  I also try to keep the team sane by having as many non-work conversations as possible.  Just knowing how busy things are and them being physically alone, I know these non-work conversations get them out of their head and having a few laughs with me. 

Thanks for asking us to share!

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David Phillips, Partner - Deloitte Digital
David Phillips
Deloitte Digital

Who is David Phillips?

A proven marketing and General Manager with over a decade of experience in delivering successful commercial outcomes for tier-one consumer goods organisations in local, regional and global roles.

The core to this success has been leveraging the rare combination of three strong attributes in corporates and start-ups:

  1. Analytical and strategic skill-set gained through formal training (MBA) and leading countless strategic and insight-led projects;
  2. A strong creative perspective which drives powerful innovative solutions to organisational problems or opportunities;
  3. Influencing and leadership skills which have continually shaped organisational direction, focus and critically, delivered galvanising team leadership.


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