COVID-19 Staff Stories

As we enter our sixth week of the work from home policy and celebrate my first year as a working mom, in a new role and with a new company, I’ve been very reflective about the state of my family, my health and my work and career. I have felt a rollercoaster of emotions related to each of these areas. Some days I’ve felt very positive, and some days I’ve felt somewhat negative and have been very hard on myself and, at times, others.

Having a two-year-old is challenging on its own, and there are days when working from home has been an absolute SHIT SHOW. Managing my son’s attachment to me, nap times and preparing 3 meals a day + snacks for this kid is insanity. I hate that he’s watching more TV than I ever wanted him to watch. I hate that I can’t constantly be hands-on with him the way he wants me to be now that we’re all at home.

Never mind that at the exact same time, I’m trying to make a meaningful contribution to the company, the product and the clients that I believe in and enjoy so much. All of this while I’ve been coughing – at times, uncontrollably – for weeks. Having to balance all of these demands has never made me feel more insecure in every area of my life.

But the fact is, we’re in an unprecedented time when I just can’t be everything I want to be, and I have to be ok with that. I can honestly create a laundry list of things that I could do to be a better wife and mother, employee, leader and industry colleague.

There are times when it’s hard to be rational, but when I am, I have to remember to be easier on myself, and to remind myself about how fortunate I am. I have the most amazing family, and over the past six weeks, I have had the privilege of seeing my son experience a growth and language explosion. I would have only had limited exposure to all this if we weren’t going through this pandemic. I am also blessed that my son is very healthy, as is everyone in my family, and myself (relatively speaking). I work with really strong, supportive individuals who are so driven to deliver great work for amazing clients. I work at a company whose leadership is in constant communication with us, providing reassurance and confirmation that we don’t have to worry about losing our jobs or taking pay cuts, like so many people around us are experiencing. This isn’t a small thing. Not having to worry about losing my job or even a part of my pay allows me to focus on what matters most, and for that I feel truly fortunate.

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