COVID-19 Staff Stories

My first true thoughts about the coronavirus happened when I landed in La Guardia (NY) for the Quirks Brooklyn Conference on March 2. It was just after the 1st official case in NYC had been confirmed and I didn’t think much of it at the time, I was focused on how our team would do at our event. The following week the coronavirus stated getting national and global attention and within 2 weeks after the conference the world changed.

Family first is my motto, so I wanted to make sure we were doing the right things at home. However, a part of me did want to travel for the success of our new US Sales team in the beginning stages of our existence. After Raj and I both agreed that no one should be traveling, it was time to focus on the health of my family AND a new strategy for how our team would persevere during COVID-19.

At the home front, I’m blessed because we have a basement – so it allows me to separate from the rest of the family and to focus on Methodify opportunities. With the kids in ‘virtual school’, I do have concerns with all of the screen time but this is the new norm, and we have to accept it for right now. As a leader, I must be strong, supportive and optimistic for Brett and Victoria. I want to ensure we all stay on course because we have one goal in my mind and that is to have the US market better understand, “Why Methodify?”

Personally, I think we’re in a pinnacle moment for our team because in theory people should have the time to speak with us. Additionally, now is a great time for companies, departments, and teams to truly reflect on the future of their business and their research approach moving forward!

Normally, I would be traveling more for client opportunities and conferences – so above all else I’m cherishing and truly appreciating the time with my family until we get through this pandemic.

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