COVID-19 Staff Stories

Being a parent must be the most rewarding yet most exhausting experience that many of us have or will encounter (those little humans don’t come with instruction manuals!). Being away from work for a little over a year, I was extremely excited to come back to my job – particularly, to go back to the innovative company I work for, a career I enjoy, and working amongst some of the most driven individuals I’ve had the privilege to know. What I did not anticipate was to return to work during the middle of a pandemic, working from home, without any childcare along with juggling learning my new role and relearning some old ones. It is nerve-wracking to say the least. But the people I work for and with gave me the warmest welcome and had a plan in place for my return amidst all the chaos going on.

You can imagine the anxiety on my first day back, not knowing entirely what to expect. The morning was filled with warm welcomes from Alessia in HR, Raj, and all my managers, followed by a call from Adam to welcome me back and assure me that they are all there to support me. Yes, the current situation is not ideal in terms of this lockdown we’re experiencing and I am expecting to hit many bumps on the road as I integrate myself back into work and adjust to this new normal. Some days are and definitely will continue to be difficult, particularly with so much that is still uncertain regarding the full impact of this virus. But as I tuck my son into bed at night, after a day of juggling both work and childcare, I reflect back on my first week, and think: what really brings someone peace and tranquility at the end of the day? For me, it’s the things that help bring positivity on the darkest of days. It is the countless number of things I am grateful for. Grateful for having a job to come back to, grateful to be part of a company that not only understands the difficulties of the circumstances but also accommodates for them. I’m grateful for a company that amidst today’s economic instability, provides us with financial stability. I’m grateful to come ‘home’ to a great family of execs, managers, and coworkers. 

Picture of the Methodify team welcoming me back:


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