COVID-19 Staff Stories

I am quite new at this organization. As I write this, I have been here for exactly 8 weeks. And as someone that has the tendency to be a bit off a worrywart, I was afraid during the first week of self-isolation that my anxieties regarding my own and my family’s health, as well as my job security would overcome me and I would feel lethargic, unmotivated and in turn, helpless. However, even in the midst of a pandemic that has implications for millions of lives and industries, I have felt more comfortable and more supported at Delvinia than I did any of the previous organizations I have worked at. I can attribute this to my role as Delvinia’s People and Culture Specialist, where I have had the unique pleasure of chatting with employees about their fears and feats during this time – realizing that transparent communication is key to adapting to the new normal of working from home.

Relatedly, I often find myself chatting with my friends who work for big banks, marketing agencies, consulting firms and government agencies, and I can’t help but compare our CEO, Adam Froman’s leadership to their leadership – and it is quite the antithesis. I know that it is not an easy feat to take action during an unprecedented time like this, but somehow Adam has managed to get ahead of the curve by confronting difficult realities and being transparent with his employees via his two emails per day outlining the feats of our company, boosting employee morale. That requires a great deal of courage.

Given that we spend an overwhelming amount of time during the day in the realm of social media, it is easy to fall into the never-ending trap of unfortunate stories and happenings around the world – it happened to me! However, if I can impart one thing to individuals that are battling anxiety during this unprecedented time, it would be to share your concerns with those that you trust – doing so may help them too. 

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