Edmonton demonstrates leadership on path to eDemocracy

This past weekend I was asked to participate in an interesting public policy consultation process organized by the Centre for Public Involvement, which is a partnership between the City of Edmonton and the University of Alberta. As one of its initiatives, the Centre was seeking input from Edmonton residents on whether the city should offer […]

State of the Social Nation

Earlier today, Amy Sullivan, Delvinia’s VP of Customer Insight, and Randy Matheson, our Director of Emerging Media + Trends, kicked off the Canadian Marketing Association’s 2012 CMA Social Media Conference with a presentation on the State of the Social Nation. Drawing on new data from the AskingCanadians research community, Amy and Randy shared the latest […]

Delvinia’s Internet Voting Report Gets Radio Play in B.C.

Delvinia’s DIG report on eDemocracy and Citizen Engagement got some airtime on a radio station in Victoria, B.C. this week. On Thursday, Nicole Goodman, a PhD candidate specializing in Canadian political institutions and alternative voting methods and the principal author of the report, spoke to Frank Stanford of CFAX 1070. Nicole talked about the Town […]

Delvinia Releases Dig Report on the Social Shopper

Understanding how consumers incorporate digital technology into the retail experience is the focus of the latest Delvinia Dig report, being released today. The Social Shopper: A Lens into the Future of Retail Experiences highlights seven major trends around the use of digital technology in the purchase process and examines what retailers and product manufacturers should […]

Mobile GPS, oh where art thou? Managing the Hype: The Reality of Mobile in Canada

GPS awareness and usage on smartphones is still relatively low among Canadians, particularly among Boomers and the 65+ crowd. Even some 38% of NGen don’t know or aren’t sure whether their smartphones are GPS-equipped. Given these stats, it isn’t surprising that few Canadians use their mobile GPS on a weekly basis. Why this lack of awareness and […]

Smartphone Ownership – Managing the Hype: The Reality of Mobile in Canada

Smartphone ownership in Canada is significant and growing, but the majority of Canadians do not yet own smartphones. One reason for the slow adoption may be traced back to the long-term contracts that consumers are forced to agree to by the major mobile providers. Three-year contracts are commonplace, with significant buy-out fees imposed for early […]