Speaking Engagements: Retail Advertising & Marketing Symposium

RAC Canada & the Retail Council of Canada are joining forces to present this year’s Retail Advertising & Marketing Symposium, which takes place on April 25. Delvinia President Steve Mast will be on hand to present a session about Mapping the New Customer Path to Purchase. Here’s a preview of his presentation: For brands today, […]

Speaking Engagements: 2013 CMA National Convention

The Canadian Marketing Association is partnering with The Art of Marketing for the 2013 CMA National Convention, which includes two days of keynote speakers and marketing workshops at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on June 4-5. On Day One—which includes a session by Delvinia President Steve Mast—attendees will have the opportunity to take part in […]

Design: Engaging consumers through storytelling and single page websites

Single page websites are not a new idea, but with the evolution of web technologies they have become a powerful way to tell stories and to improve engagement and content assimilation. Instead of a set of pages linked with hyperlinks, which makes for a rather static and traditional navigation, single page websites have a fluid […]

Going Mobile? Get to Know Your Users First

There’s no doubt that people are spending less and less time tied to their desktops and more of their time using mobile devices. With tablet sales expected to hit 172 million units (IDC) and close to one billion smartphones estimated to be sold globally in 2013 (Statist), having a mobile presence is no longer a […]

The Art of Turning Insight into Action – Part Two: What is Strategy?

In Part One of our series, we introduced the first part of Delvinia’s three-part process: insight. In this second installment, we extend the examples to illustrate how and why we tackle digital strategy on behalf of our clients. I’m Rosalina Lin-Allen and I head our strategy practice. I work closely with the practice heads and […]

Screens & Places: The Rise of Marketing as a Service in 2013

The intersection between digital, social and physical experiences. Like most of us today, time is precious. As I was running around shopping this past Christmas season I used all available digital tools to make it faster, easier and more enjoyable. Well I tried to make it more enjoyable! Like many of you, I research products […]