From machine learning to blockchain, VR, marketing automation, connected devices and the Internet of Things; organizations are moving away from traditional methods of data collection and harnessing emerging technologies to gather consumer insights in real-time.

At next week’s ILC2018, hosted by the Insights Association, Delvinia President and Chief Innovation Officer Steve Mast will be taking part in a discussion titled “AI, Blockchain, Automation” focusing on the changes we’re seeing in the market research landscape and how brands are applying technologies in the evolving insights ecosystem to tap into their customers and solve today’s business challenges.

At Delvinia, our team is always looking for opportunities to leverage digital technologies to help our clients solve their business problems and to collect and use data in new and innovative ways. And in this panel, Steve will share some of the recent projects we’ve been working on, including leveraging our AskingCanadians panel to train AI-powered chatbot to deliver a truly human-like conversational experience. Our solution, which involves a training methodology that connects real people to the bot in contextually-relevant scenarios, also simultaneously collects and measures consumer opinion on its performance prior to chatbot deployment.

This session takes place in San Diego on November 6th at 10 AM, where Steve will be joined by Kristi Zuhlke, CEO & Co-Founder, KnowledgeHound; Isaac Rogers, CEO, Technology, 20|20 Research; Bonnie Breslauer, Chief Customer Officer, DISQO; and Jared Feldman, Founder & CEO, Canvs. Don’t miss the chance to hear what industry leaders are saying about this rapid evolution in the market research ecosystem!

For more information about the event, and to view the conference program, visit the Insights Association website.