Speaking Engagements: Join us at the CMA Analytics Conference

With the diversification of channels and advent of social media, consumers now have far more control of their environment and their interaction with companies and brands. Consumer engagement beyond traditional channels is no longer effective on its own. Consumers expect companies to know them and to provide solutions and services at key life stages.

On January 18, the Canadian Marketing Association hosts the CMA Analytics Conference at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. With the theme, Discover the customer behind the data, the conference will explore how analytics support customer engagement though the customer life cycle.

Delvinia CEO Adam Froman and Rupen Seoni, a vice president of Environics Analytics, will be among the day’s speakers.

Thanks to a new partnership that links the AskingCanadians™ survey from Delvinia to the PRIZM segmentation system from Environics Analytics, marketers now can analyze how specific segments of Canadian consumers use social media differently as they become more engaged with a brand. By correlating social media and mobile use to marketplace behaviour, marketers can learn more about the relationship that customers have with a company and its products—from first contemplating a purchase to buying it, reviewing it and telling their friends about it—to better retain their customers.

In their joint presentation, How New Media Use Changes During the Customer Life Cycle, Rupen and Adam will explore their new data integration to provide insights into the interplay between digital media and customer engagement. Based on new research conducted this past fall, they’ll examine which consumers turn into brand advocates based on their social media use. They’ll look at the impact of lifestyle on product engagement. And they’ll chart how the social and mobile media habits of consumers of different lifestyles change as they get to know products better.

During this session, participants will learn:

  • The key points during the customer life cycle when media interaction is high—when they research a brand, buy it, review it and tell others about it—and ways to influence positive outcomes
  • The lifestyle segments that are most active in engaging with companies and products and how their engagement changes in the buying cycle
  • The best practices for understanding and measuring social media use at different stages in the customer life cycle
  • Ways to harness the power of brand advocates during the customer life cycle for customer retention
  • How viral marketing affects specific customer segments

The conference program also features sessions on customer engagement, geospatial intelligence, and using segmentation and predictive analytics to combat attrition.

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