Speaking Engagements: CMA 2014 Analytics Conference

CMA_Analytics_03 264x450The Canadian Marketing Association (CMA) is gearing up for the organization’s 2014 Analytics Conference, which takes place on January 29.

With an emphasis on current case studies, the conference will feature presentations from individuals who have made the pivot of leveraging analytics beyond simple reporting to successfully driving change in their organizations and innovating within their ever-changing market conditions.

Delvinia CEO Adam Froman and Carol Pilas, Director of Market Research with Pelmorex Media (owners of The Weather Network), will be on hand to discuss the outcome of an R&D project that led to the creation of a customer-centric dashboard in a presentation called Getting Mileage Out of Your Dashboard.

In late 2012, Delvinia and Pelmorex Media embarked on an exciting research initiative to see if they could harness multi-platform, multi-source data to create a user-centric dashboard that would provide a single Brand Health Index designed to enable decision makers at The Weather Network to make better business decisions. In this presentation, Adam and Carol will share the learnings from this project and their journey of harnessing the power of Big Data.

The audience will learn that Big Data presents a big opportunity to not only listen to your customers but to incorporate the voice of the customer into your business decisions.

Attendees will also gain an understanding that although new data applications and platforms have emerged to tackle the challenges that data presents; data technologies are not the answer to making sense of data. Rather, gaining value from data starts with deciding what you want to achieve as a business objective and then determining the role that data can play in helping you get there.

Additional guest speakers include Professor Nik Bontis of McMaster University; Jose Ribeau, Vice President, Client and Competitive Insights at CIBC; Brett Mooney, Vice-President, Consumer Acquisition and Management, American Express Canada and Jean-Paul Isson, Global Vice-President, Predictive Analytics & BI, Monster Worldwide Inc.

The CMA Analytics Conference takes place on January 29 at the Toronto Board of Trade, 77 Adelaide St. West. To join us at the event, register now.


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