Methodify at Brand Marketing Summit

It’s a busy month for us here at Delvinia and over the next weeks we’re headed to a number of new events!

At next week’s Brand Marketing Summit, Executive Vice President Raj Manocha, will be on stage to share insights from a recent marketing-channel focused research project with AB InBev’s Labatt brands on October 24th at 4:15 pm on the Social Media Marketing track. He will be joined by President and Chief Innovation Officer Steve Mast, who will be on site to share some of the innovative ways Methodify has been leveraging digital technologies to help our clients solve their business problems.

In his session, titled Labatt Case Study: Why every marketer should be rushing to test their digital adsRaj will share how Labatt’s understanding of the significance in employing a ‘channel first design strategy’ in marketing has helped them stay ahead of the curve. He’ll also talk about how, by testing digital content on Methodify’s automated research platform, Labatt’s digital ads have become some of the strongest performing assets across Anheuser-Busch InBev globally.

This year’s Brand Marketing Summit takes place at the New York Marriott on October 24-25. For more information about the event, and to view the conference program, visit the Incite Group’s website.

Raj will also be joining Paul Gareau of Kantar Millward Brown at the CMAfutures Morning Event Series in Toronto on November 1st to talk about how mobile technology was used in measuring the effectiveness of experiential marketing:

Measuring the Impact of Multidimensional Event Sponsorship on Brand Health

In their session, Raj will show how AskingCanadians partnered with Kantar Millward Brown to create an innovative mobile geo-fencing solution by engaging event attendees in real time to effectively measure the impact of TD’s marketing activations during the 2018 Toronto Pride Weekend.

The presentation takes place at 10:10 a.m. on Thursday, November 1st.