Enhancements reflect the Foundation’s brand, support the donor experience

SKF_website_photo(Toronto, ON) May 13, 2014 – Delvinia is pleased to support SickKids Foundation in the launch of its newly redesigned website, which showcases the organization’s fundraising efforts and enhances the digital experience for donors.

SickKids Foundation initially approached Delvinia to conduct a digital audit and strategic roadmap for their various digital properties in 2011 and the digital strategy and innovation firm has been working with the organization since then to develop its overall digital strategy and experience design.

“We wanted a digital strategy that defines an integrated digital experience to engage donors along the giving journey, from browser to donor to advocate,” said Mark Jordan, Director, Brand Marketing and Digital Strategy at SickKids Foundation. “Delvinia proposed a long-term strategy integrating the Foundation’s various properties into one cohesive unit with a particular focus on the transactional experience.”

When Delvinia and SickKids Foundation began working together, the Foundation had a corporate website, several product and campaign sites and numerous social media properties. Delvinia approached the project by conducting a comprehensive audit of these assets and their performance relative to best of breed models.

The firm’s insight and digital strategy team conducted a series of discovery activities to better understand the business context and the digital behaviour of SickKids Foundation’s donors, including interviews with Foundation and hospital staff, analytics reviews, a digital and social media landscape review, trends analysis and a digital audience segmentation exercise to obtain key insights about the SickKids business and community.

By overlaying Delvinia’s Digital Segmentation data over the SickKids Foundation donor database, the firm was able to provide insight into donors’ ownership of and engagement with social media and mobile technologies, and thereby identify those segments of greatest strategic value to the organization’s business objectives in the digital space. Based on these insights, Delvinia recommended a donor-centric strategy designed to reach the SickKids Foundation audience effectively using messages that would resonate with them.

Launched earlier this month, the redesigned website, which can be found at sickkidsfoundation.com, reflects the Foundation’s brand and builds upon the organization’s commitment to developing an engaging digital experience for current and prospective donors.

“We designed the site to focus on improving the transactional experience and to provide a framework for the future,” said Delvinia President Steve Mast who noted that the site, created using responsive design, was designed with continued innovation in mind. “Mobile adoption and future payment experiences are all part of the site being responsive and providing the ability for people to give wherever they are.”

The site’s use of responsive design is one of the first for a hospital foundation in Canada.

“First impression responses to date have been very positive,” said David Estok, Vice President, Marketing and Communications at SickKids Foundation. “We’ve seen a drop in bounce rates which means users are engaging with the site and staying on it for longer periods of time. We’ve also seen an increase in the number of users who are accessing the site via their mobile devices thanks to the site’s responsive design.”

In addition to the website redesign, Delvinia has provided a series of recommendations around the SKF team and governance structure, and the program budget to successfully support this strategy. SickKids Foundation is currently in the midst of adopting a new digital strategy and Delvinia continues to be a trusted advisor.