In an interview Tuesday with CTV’s Marcia MacMillan, Delvinia CEO Adam Froman weighed in on the question: Should Canadians have the opportunity to vote online?

During the panel discussion, which aired on the CTV News Channel, Adam talked about Delvinia’s experience with the Town of Markham—the first major Canadian municipality to implement Internet voting.

“Back in 2003, the Town decided they needed to engage their voters more. It was a pretty groundbreaking move that they stepped out and said, ‘Let’s introduce Internet voting as an option,’” Adam said. “My company was there to help them communicate and create the public engagement around Internet voting.”

In addition to helping the Town raise awareness of Internet voting in the 2003, 2006 and 2010 municipal elections, Delvinia also conducted in-person and online surveys to collect data regarding public attitudes, feelings and beliefs toward Internet voting in each of those elections.

That data not only demonstrates the feasibility of Internet voting, but also provides a foundation for any government that is considering the use of online voting in an election, Adam told MacMillan.

“What we’re seeing in the data is a 99 per cent satisfaction rating of those who are participating in [Internet voting in the] elections,” he said. “Canada is not only successful in implementing Internet voting, but Canada and municipalities like the Town of Markham are global leaders in doing it.”

Watch the entire interview on the CTV News website.