State of the American Small Business Banking

Find out what's driving loyalty among small business owners to their banks. Download the report below:

Key Insights Covered in the Report

While the majority (91%) of SBOs felt their business banks were customer-focused, they acknowledge that there was still room for improvement in areas such as innovation or digital experience. Find out:

CRIS AI is focused on task completion

Why customers of banks that employ a more “personal touch” view their banks as being more customer focused

CRIS AI creates engagement with panelists

The touch points within the customer journey where human versus digital interactions can be used to add the most value

CRIS AI provides empathy to panelist responses

A summary of business banking customers’ top banking needs as they look toward a post-pandemic future

CRIS - AI saying hi on smartphone

About the Study

The study combined the quantitative survey run by Phase 5 with qualitative research powered by CRIS by Delvinia. 

CRIS is an AI-enabled virtual moderator, used to provide enriched insights without incurring a lengthy and costly qualitative phase.