Moving to a new office space presents its own set of challenges – among them how to make the reception area unique, functional and a testiment to the culture and creativity of the people working within.  Following the old adage of first impressions, we found a way to make a lasting impression from the moment visitors walk through our glass doors.  Our eCeption is the perfect blend of our creativity and technological expertise.  Join our CEO Adam Froman for a one-on-one demonstration of this Delvinian touch and how it answers our reception challenge.

Intrigued?  We aren’t stopping there.  eCeption is currently undergoing the following enhancements:

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    1. The eCeption is an AIR 2.0 application, built using Flex 3. Most of the backend involves loading data directly off of the computer’s hard drive; XML layout content, employee information, etc. along with various images and video. There are additional calls made via the Internet for some of the other functionality: Sending an email calls a PHP script on our web server. Sending a phone message calls a PHP script on our SIP telephone server. For maps we’re using Microsoft’s Bing maps. For the News section we use AIR’s built-in web browser to load a couple of web pages from our web server.

      If you have any other questions please let us know.

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