New Year, New Office, New eCeption

Moving to a new office space presents its own set of challenges – among them how to make the reception area unique, functional and a testiment to the culture and creativity of the people working within.  Following the old adage of first impressions, we found a way to make a lasting impression from the moment visitors walk through our glass doors.  Our eCeption is the perfect blend of our creativity and technological expertise.  Join our CEO Adam Froman for a one-on-one demonstration of this Delvinian touch and how it answers our reception challenge.

Intrigued?  We aren’t stopping there.  eCeption is currently undergoing the following enhancements:

  • Time Specific Messaging – Touch the meeting icon on the eCeption to see a listing of scheduled meetings (time and location) and to notify Delvinia of their arrival.
  • Call a Delvinian – Allows a visitor to call and talk directly to the Delvinian of their choice from eCeption.
  • Send an Instant Message to a Delvinian – Visitors can log into their Instant Messenger chat tool and “Send and IM” to a Delvinian.
  • Send an SMS to a Delvinian – Visitors can send a text message to a Delvinian who is away from their desk.
  • Presentation Mode – Presentations are added to the eCeption allowing the presenter to touch the screen and cycle through the presentation slides.
  • Interactive Map – Touch the icon and a map displays with key locations around the Delvinia offices such as TTC stops, coffee shops, restaurants, washrooms and most importantly – the Delvinia seating plan!

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