mTV Episode 3: What is ResearchTech?

Anyone who’s ever conducted market research knows that tech advances continue to give brands the opportunity to learn more about their consumer, to gain insights faster, and more accurately.

Research methods and research technology is ever- evolving; but what exactly is ResearchTech? How does it work? How do you measure value and how can it be tailored? We sat down with insights professionals and market researchers at this year’s IIeX conference to hear how they would define ResearchTech.

We also asked Methodify Chief Innovation Officer, Steve Mast, to define ResearchTech for us. Here’s what he had to say:

ResearchTech is everywhere, and you might not have even noticed. It’s YouTube asking you to answer a survey before watching the next video; it’s Netflix giving you a list of suggestions for what to watch; it’s even Starbucks sending you ‘happy hour’ notifications on your mobile app. It’s anywhere products, goods and services are marketed to you.

ResearchTech is at the forefront of market research. There are so many innovations happening in this space, all of which quicken and tighten the process of building out a product or campaign. It should be an integral part of the marketing stack, for any brand to be successful and avoid those embarrassing and costly blunders (read: Pepsi Kendall Jenner ad).

Value is realized when the right ResearchTech tools are employed. Insights gleaned from ResearchTech applications save time, money, resources and effort. Knowing that when you have a question about your brand, your audience, or your market, you can put a question into a search field and get quality results with quick turnaround is the difference between a guessing game and a sure thing.

Methodify is a one-stop ResearchTech platform for brands to test their various strategies. You can learn more about what we do here, or request a demo to try it out for yourself.



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