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Over the last year, the market research industry has undergone an enormous transformation, and we at Methodify by Delvinia have too. As we continued to work with our long-time clients and to onboard new ones, we listened carefully to their wants, needs, and vision for market research at their organizations. But we wanted to push past this too, with an eye to what the future of insights could be.

Some of the changes we went through focused on our people, increasing our team in the US, promoting or providing more focus to roles in Canada, and most importantly Raj Manocha being named CEO of Methodify. A key priority for Raj was that we more clearly define our vision for Methodify – to become the operating system of market research, and we have taken steps towards achieving that.

We have expanded our research ecosystem through partnerships, like our most recent one with Fuel Cycle, and by connecting clients to resources, such as our Certified Methodify experts. At every step, we’ve asked ourselves what the future of market research looks like, and what role we want to play in it.

What all of this has shown us is that the future of market research is about being open. For us, that means building a platform that is open; one that allows you to build and configure it in a way that perfectly suits your needs, rather than having it dictated to you.

It is with that in mind that we are excited for a big announcement next week, where we will share how we’ve reimagined the market research platform of the future. Stay tuned, and get ready