Updated Mobile App allows customers to create packing lists, share on social, and test their travel knowledge

(Toronto, ON) December 17, 2013 – Delvinia is pleased to support Manulife Financial in the release of its newly updated CoverMe™ Packing App, which enhances the customer experience through the addition of a Travel Trivia Game.

Manulife_travel trivia-239x450Created to complement the CoverMe Travel mobile website, the app was originally designed to help travelers with the process of planning and packing for their trips and to provide the ability for consumers to purchase CoverMe Travel Single Trip emergency medical insurance, directly from their smartphones.

To enhance the customer experience further, Delvinia has since analyzed customer feedback, reviews and user data to recommend a series of new features to the app.

Version 1.5 of the CoverMe Packing App, released this month, now includes a Travel Trivia Game feature allowing users to test their travel, CoverMe and world knowledge. Users can test their worldly knowledge by attempting to beat their own best score, or they can compete against one another by selecting the 2-player mode.

“Providing games to the consumer will help fill in any wait times during their trip while keeping the brand top of mind as they directly engage with it through the Packing App,” said Bob Doyle, Manulife’s Director, Strategic Marketing.

The updated CoverMe Packing App maintains the existing packing list functionality and the ability to buy travel insurance. In addition, users can also access a Travel Journal to check-in to locations, search for landmarks and bookmark where they want to go, and create personal journal entries and share them on Facebook and Twitter.

The app, which has won six international awards, has also experienced a significant usage rate, with almost 60 per cent of users accessing the app on a monthly basis.

“The first issue with any app is usage. With the CoverMe Packing App Manulife is seeing a usage rate of 57 per cent month over month. That’s a big deal for an app. Those numbers are highly unusual unless you’re talking about a gaming app,” said Delvinia President Steve Mast. “Manulife has undoubtedly added value to the customer by launching this branded utility.”

The updated CoverMe™ Packing App is available for download in the Canadian iTunes App Store.