As the world strives to adjust to this new normal, it is natural for questions and concerns to arise regarding how to proceed with business in a sensitive manner. In order to help our clients navigate any anxiety around conducting research during this time, we have taken several measures. To begin with, we have consulted with the Insights Association to ensure that continuing with research at this time is appropriate. Their response was a resounding yes, providing it is entirely conducted over digital channels.

Proceeding from there, we reviewed our panel response rates, and have actually seen an increased interest in participating in survey research due to people being at home and available. However, we have acknowledged that it may be difficult for these participants to answer certain survey topics in a way that reflects their typical behaviour. As such, we have made it clear that we are available to provide advice on positioning of questions to help mitigate this question.

The only projects we have seen put on hold are ones that include on-premise work in order to comply with social distancing, or where the questions are on behaviours and attitudes that would be directly impacted by the pandemic. In general, however, we have seen an uptick from many industries including government, banking, and CPG as understanding public opinion and sentiment is perhaps more critical now than ever before.

We are supporting our colleagues who have physical focus group facilities to work with us to service their clients during this difficult time.  Focus group facilities are the hardest hit and as key members of our industry, we are supporting them with our tools and technologies available to help them provide alternative solutions to their clients.

Delvinia’s Business Continuity Plan has also been in place since last Monday, and we are fully up and running. This means we are able to respond quickly to any questions or concerns as they arise, and provide support wherever necessary. Communication and compassion are key during this time and we are standing by our clients, employees and partners.  We are sharing our knowledge, strategy and plans with others to ensure we all survive this pandemic crisis.  We continue to monitor the situation closely in order to provide our clients with the best possible guidance and to maintain the health and safety of everyone involved.