Markham’s Experience with Internet Voting Attracts Attention from Municipalities Across Canada

Markham’s experience with Internet voting has been attracting attention from municipalities–and media outlets–across the country as more and more jurisdictions consider implementing online voting.

The City of Markham has offered online voting in every municipal election since 2003. And, given our role in helping the municipality to promote its availability in each of those elections–and our extensive research on voter attitudes–our CEO Adam Froman has been called on to share the story of Markham’s experience with several media outlets in recent weeks.

“We live in a consumer-centric world where the voters have the choice and control over what they want to do,” Adam told CTV Northern Ontario‘s Gord Nicholls in a telephone interview that aired last night as part of a news story on the possibility of Internet voting being introduced in Sudbury. “People are going to want to have the option to vote in whatever form is convenient to them and we’re seeing more and more of this being online.”

Last fall, Delvinia released a DIG Report on eDemocracy and Citizen Engagement in Markham. The report provides a comprehensive review of Canadian attitudes toward Internet voting and demonstrates how Canadians are embracing digital technologies to interact with governments.

Markham’s experience has also been attracting attention from the West Coast after the B.C. government asked the province’s Chief Electoral Officer to appoint an independent panel to examine the logistics of Internet voting.

Last month, Adam spoke to CKNW‘s Simi Sara about online voting and with The Globe and Mail‘s Aleksandra Sagan for her article, “B.C. looks to e-voting to increase turnout.” Adam was also interviewed recently by Waterloo Councillor Melissa Durrell for 570News about online voting in that municipality.

For more on our work with Markham, please see our DIG Report on eDemocracy and Citizen Engagement.


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