Delvinia’s Halloween haunted house competition: Vote for The Addams Family

To celebrate Halloween 2014, Delvinia and AskingCanadians decided to host a friendly Haunted House competition between two teams headed by our senior management. The challenge: to decorate the Delvinia and AskingCanadians offices and create a two-minute uncut video documenting the haunted house experience.

The team that produces the video that receives the most likes and shares through our social feeds, wins the competition. The prize: bragging rights—and the opportunity to throw a pie in the faces of the opposing team captains. (We’ll have photos of that later!)

Our Addams Family team is led by Adam Froman and Rosalina Lin-Allen and our Hotel Delvinia team is headed by Steve Mast and Raj Manocha.

Here’s a look at the Addams Family video. To vote for this video, click the icons on this page to Tweet, Like or share this post on Google+ or LinkedIn. We’ll announce the winner before the end of the day.

To view the opposing team’s Hotel Delvinia video here.

Happy Halloween!


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