Last November I received an email from my professor informing our program that there was a Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award accepting application submissions. The award title had caught my attention right away and I knew this was an opportunity not to be missed.


Ever since I started in the Graphic Communications Management program at Ryerson University, I fell in love with the endless possibilities that stem out of the word innovation. I had also set a goal for myself that I wanted to start my own business within 10 years of graduating, which meant this award could not have been a better fit.

However, this was not the only element that encouraged me to apply. The award included a mentorship opportunity with Delvinia CEO Adam Froman. When I first read Adam’s story about his journey and the vision he had when he started Delvinia, I was able to relate because I was about to start my own journey.

I walked in to the office for my first meeting with Adam feeling extremely nervous about what was about to follow, especially since I had a lot of passion for this field but was unsure how to direct it. At the end of that meeting, nonetheless, I felt a lot more relaxed because I realized I had someone who was willing to support and guide me as I embarked on my own journey.

Rather than simply reading my award submission, Adam took the time to get to know my story. This helped him gain a better perspective into who I am and how I might want to proceed with my career. This also helped him, and my supervisor, Delvinia’s Director of Communications, Susan O’Neill to provide me with the advice needed to help me begin planning my life and career post-graduation.

The best part about that meeting was that it wasn’t just a one-time opportunity, but rather a longstanding commitment that Adam has made to recipients of the Delvinia award.

After meeting with Adam a few times, I was able to approach things differently. Adam helped me narrow my focus and rethink what it was that I wanted to do. Asking me questions that challenged me to dig deeper into several life aspects, such as my choice of career field,  allowed me to re-focus.

To top it all off, Adam offered me a job as he saw me to be a good fit within his company. I joined Delvinia at the beginning of July and I am currently the Communications Assistant within an amazing team.

I could not have asked for a better supervisor, as Susan has always made it a point to guide and talk through best practices with me as opposed to simply stating what is right. Additionally, the support exceeds beyond that as she shares with me all of the crucial information required to understand how the business operates so that I can contribute to its growth. Not to mention, Delvinia’s culture is extremely unique. The company recently set up Social and Wellness Committees, which I have been lucky to be a part of, that ensure a fun and healthy work environment for the team.

I could not have imagined my first job to be within such a supportive culture that is always fostering growth. This is the beginning of an exciting journey, and I am looking forward to growing within the company.